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USAID Mission to Kenya 86400/862402 P. Mwaniki Supervisor
Oil Seals and Bearings 651622/3/4/5 Jitu Shah M. Director
Majestic printing Works 0202638936 Mr. Sushil M. Director
Textbook Centre 330340/1/2/3/4/5 Mr A. Shah M. Director
Kuguru Food Complex
650023/4/5 P. Kuguru M. Director
Ken Gen Company Ltd 36666000 P. Kimemia Procurement
Oxford University Press E.A 2732015/21/28 O. Jemimah
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Mission statement

To strive for excellence in all our endeavors' and create an elaborate programme to train our staff, looking after their welfare and focusing on ethical practice to acquire credit in all we do on merit as a priority.



Super freight limited aims at being a market leader in the freight industry and our other undertakings through handwork ,dedication,commitment,honesty and customer sartisfaction.It is our hope to attain our goal not only within Kenya but thought east and central Africa in the next ten years.

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