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After distinguishing ourselves with remarkable competence and meticulous all round performance, the world –renowned United Kingdom-based KAM Freight Services appointed us their sole agents  in East Africa .This means that we are now  able to handle our clients  goods comfortably from UK and clear them in Kenya without a hitch. We enjoy special rates from KAM and we extend the same to our customers .We hope to acquire more freight companies soon on similar arrangements so that we are in an unique position to offer services from most parts of the world.

Bond with Customers page

As we have signed a Bond with customers ,goods that require exemption from the payment of duty VAT or are very urgently required ,like perishables, present no problem to us as the necessary payments can be like made later.


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Mission statement

To strive for excellence in all our endeavors' and create an elaborate programme to train our staff, looking after their welfare and focusing on ethical practice to acquire credit in all we do on merit as a priority.



Super freight limited aims at being a market leader in the freight industry and our other undertakings through handwork ,dedication,commitment,honesty and customer sartisfaction.It is our hope to attain our goal not only within Kenya but thought east and central Africa in the next ten years.

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