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There are also several other clubs and bars in that part of town, some gay-oriented. Thank you so much for the tips, very kind and helpful!

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Looking forward to visiting Bamboo park sipping tea by the pond! I am travelling solo so nice to know that people would chat to tourists, looking forward to knowing the City and its people better! Not so sure about that though. Anyway, the bamboo park is a excellent pick! The pandas are these huggable giant round fur balls, and the hot-pot would be a naughty challenge to your stomach. In addition to the internal facilities as modern as Pudong Airport, the entire airport construction is quite Indonesian characteristics.

The terminal is made up of a typical Indonesian-style four-pointed steeple house, and the connections between the offices are like the corridors of the Suzhou gardens, and the surroundings are very green. Looking at the reinforced concrete metropolitan airport, feeling Jakarta's airport and nature is so close, so harmonious.

Before the airport heard the black legend, did happen in our team. However, fairly smooth through the transit visa, feeling or travel agents have problems. Arrived in Bali, is more than eight o'clock. Island hotel. The night is the lunar calendar sixteen, the moon is very round the moon, Yuet Wah water, soft sand, barefoot contact feeling really not normal, Wow, Wow the tide of sound as the earth's breathing, her pulse with a volt impact My heart, at the moment only her breath did not my heartbeat, instantly I know how small it is, like a small sand, the world's profound and profound.

I really can not believe that half a month ago this night I sighed at the harbor on the beach in the South Pacific without listening to the sea. Quietly tidy up your thoughts, quietly daze, quietly listening to the waves, and the bar on the beach, visitors and singers, is singing and dancing. Lights, but also so charming blurred! Bali's All night. In the room on the balcony you can see a circle of white waves come and go, high and low on the beach fluttering bounce with. Like a very handsome girl dragging a dark blue with a white crepe skirt on the beach is not the rules to dance small step dance!

Dazzling sunshine, in the green leaves, a circle of white spots, this is the sun of Bali, very strong ultraviolet light. I grabbed the camera, hurried out of the room, kept by the shutter, A beautiful picture of the picture. Photo Description: The hotel's backyard, is the blue waves of the sea. Our SPA address is meters in the ridge of the mountain, the room did not set the door, facing the mountains, at first glance, is a large paddy field And the quiet village, the mountain is I do not know the tree, the mountain is a different kind of flower.

Lying in the exquisite bed, breathe fresh air, two hours later, all of us tired, all gone. Since ancient times have "if people are not old, every day to the foot bath," saying that the Chinese medicine is that the foot is enough three yin meridian, foot Sanyang by the beginning and ending, and all organs of the body are closely related to the meridian, Hot feet, you can play to adjust the function of organs, enhance the role of physical fitness.

Ginger in the Chinese medicine is Xinwen solution of the drug, the role of Quhan solution table, and less toxic side effects. Modern medicine that ginger can stimulate the capillaries, improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Afraid of cold, easy hands and feet cold people can use ginger feet. It should be noted that the use of ginger feet is not the ginger into the hot water for a while, but generally take grams of ginger about half the size of the ginger half , will shoot flat, into the pot Add a small pot of water, cover the pot with hot water for about 10 minutes.

Foot bath when the water did not have an ankle, the best side of the bubble side rubbing feet. There are many medicinal ingredients in the ginger is a small molecule material, covered with a pot to cook to avoid its volatile. Half of the amount of ginger is used for the general family to the foot bath pots in the amount of half basin of water.

If the foot bath with more water, or cold symptoms are relatively heavy, may be appropriate to increase the amount of ginger. With ginger bubble feet for some time, the symptoms of cold can generally be a certain degree of improvement.

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According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, wormwood is the temperature, bitter, non-toxic blindly medicine. It has a back to the sun, qi and blood, by the wet cold, bleeding and so on and other effects, but also commonly used in acupuncture, it is also known as "medical.

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Ai grass foot bath method and ginger foot bath method similar to the general take grams a small dry wormwood boiled water feet, boiling method and the same mentioned earlier. Body wet and wet weight of the patient, a week can be used Ai grass bubble feet. But also in the use of wormwood feet at the same time, drink a glass of ginger jujube water 10 dry dates plus two pieces of ginger, add ten bowls of boiled two hours as a supplement.

With Ai grass during the foot bath should pay attention to, while drinking warm water, eat cold food, pay attention to rest. Virtual heat, real fire caused by the head and face, throat discomfort, chronic bronchitis and so can get a certain degree of relief. Fever and suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes, people under the guidance of a doctor with Ai grass foot bath.

And with Ai Suo foot bath times a week can not be too frequent. Because with Ai grass bubble can fire down, and sometimes lead to lack of head and face of the blood, easily lead to dizziness, headache, but also cause emotional changes. Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, Guigui or Gui Gui, it is commonly used in the family with pepper spices, both of which have the role of warm kidney yang.

With their feet, due to kidney disease caused by edema have a better mitigation effect. Renal edema is due to renal function problems or the emergence of disease caused by edema. Generally first occurred in the organization of loose parts, such as eyelids or face, ankle, to wake up in the morning when the most obvious, with your fingers to press the edema of the skin can be depressed.

If there is a renal edema, you can use pepper and cinnamon 15 grams a small hand or a small piece after cooking feet, cook the same way to cook ginger. Continuous use of this method can play a certain foot swelling effect. If you start from the body sagging parts such as legs began to edema symptoms, and gradually developed to other parts of the body, it may be due to cardiac problems caused by cardiac edema.

This edema can be used in the aforementioned ginger boiled water to foot bath, can promote lower limb blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing edema. Safflower is a gynecological commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, it can be through the blood circulation, Qu fort pain. Winter prone to frostbite and skin cracked people in the fall should be early with safflower bubble feet, can play a very good preventive effect. Take safflower grams about a handful of according to the previously mentioned method boiled feet, can prevent and improve frostbite.

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Every winter, someone's hands and feet often cracked and broken, but once this happens, it takes a long time to recover. Choose to use safflower to feet, but also to a certain extent, to prevent the occurrence of this situation. If you use grams of dry wormwood and grams of red flowers at the same time boiled water used to foot bath, but also can improve blood circulation, prevent and reduce varicose veins, peripheral neuritis.

No end, waiting for updates. Back massage is a casual and easy way, now let me give you a summary of massage skills, although not much but very useful, put your right hand on the back of the partner, left hand on the back. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Back massage can ease the pressure of back pain after the work to promote the body's blood circulation, massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, people excited, to eliminate fatigue, to ensure that health plays an important role. Long-term adherence to the back massage, you can also lose weight, play the role of physical health longevity, of course, there are kinds of saying, long-term massage can treat high blood pressure, but self-feeling or weight loss above a great effect.

Essential oil open back is a fine use containing gin. Sweet myrrh. Bauhinia and other ingredients of the active oil, with a unique open back method, the loose tendons to open a back massage. With the high rhythm of modern life, human psychology and physiology have appeared in the load, cervical spondylosis. Lumbar spondylosis has become a common problem, the oil can open deep penetration of the skin, dredge the meridians, decompression, relaxation, can play a role in physical therapy. Is the so-called "pain is unreasonable, pass all pain", the spine is the body of the reflex zone, the body's internal organs can be reflected in the above.


So, what is the way to open the oil? What essential oils are suitable for essential oils? For everyone to collect a variety of techniques on the essential oils back to help you reduce the pressure to adjust the body. Essential oil open back from the traditional interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine from the detoxification and aromatherapy essential oils combined beauty method.

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Through the meridian massage, with the use of body fragrant essential oils, can Shu through the active, smooth blood, promote blood circulation, active bones, to appease the mood, relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, help sleep, tight skin, restore elasticity. Coupled with the special treatment of buckwheat, attached to the corresponding parts in order to achieve dehumidification cold, improve the role of sleep. Essential oil open back what is through the deep boiled oil can penetrate the skin deep, dredge fine, decompression, relaxation, more play a physical therapy, is the so-called "pain is unreasonable, pass all pain", the spine is the body's reflex zone The body's internal organs can be reflected in the above characteristics: It can immediately eliminate fatigue, improve the sub-health state.

Essential oil open back is a massage method, is a spiritual enjoyment, it is through the use of some active oil with unique massage techniques for the modern pressure to relax the people more relaxed, is now a more popular enjoyment the way. But the oil is also back to the side of the role of some, we should also pay attention to some matters. Essential oils open back side effects in the elaborate pure essential oils and professional massage operation, the oil is open back without any side effects.

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But there are some cases we need to pay attention to women during menstruation or before and after menstruation is not suitable for essential oils open back, so that will cause many other problems. Essential oils open the back of the way is very important, if not proficient in mastering techniques, essential oils open back not only will not get people to enjoy the physical and mental, but also induced some physical problems.

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Essential oil open back is a massage method. It uses active ointment containing gin, mint, sage, sweet myrrh, eucalyptus, rose, bauhinia and other ingredients, with a unique open back method, to carry out loose back massage to promote blood circulation, relieve stress , Eliminate fatigue, tighten the skin, improve sleep.

The benefits of essential oils are numerous. Essential oils open back with the benefits of modern life, high rhythm, human psychology and physiology have appeared on the load, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease has become a common problem, essential oil open back deep penetration of the skin, dredge the meridian, decompression, relaxation, Play a role in physical therapy. Essential oil open back more suitable for long-term work in the computer side of the people, effectively improve the skin's yellowish and stomach discomfort and other issues.

With the modern city people to accelerate the pace of life, many people have a physical and physiological load, especially every day facing the computer people, cervical spondylosis and lumbar disease has become a common problem.

Essential oils open back can effectively relieve people of these pressures, relax. But the oil back to the back of a technology, but a technology live. Essential oil open back different parts of the body, massage is not the same way. Essential oil open back massage is to refer to the Chinese acupuncture points for massage, for different parts of the body massage different points. Coupled with the effect of essential oils Shu Shu active, people get a high enjoyment. Back massage is a casual and relaxed way, now let me give you a summary of massage skills, though not much but very useful Oh, pro.

Put your right hand on the back of the partner, with your left hand on the back. Concentrate on your hands and relax,Now, move your right hand to the side of the left hips and the other hand on her back. With the palm root gently began to shake, her body pushed out. Continue to shake, move your left hand step by step along the entire back from left to right. Slowly stop shaking. Put the towel over the partner down to her hips. To make sure she feels comfortable. Hands on the back of the partner on both sides of the spine, from bottom to bottom slowly to the bottom of the implementation of the neck, and then pushed to the shoulders, and then push back on both sides of the back.

Liang, another MB I met during my fieldwork, said in blunt terms that he sometimes wanted to have sex with certain customers the minute they walked into the room: The question here, then, is how one defines this kind of human interaction. It has all the elements of a hookup: Two or more individuals have casual sex due to mutual physical attraction. But it also fits the definition of prostitution: Sexual services are provided and compensated. Sex, work, desire, money, pleasure, intimacy — these are all components of sexual transactions, at once distinct, entangled, and compatible.

After all, it is not as if intimacy or pleasure cannot coexist with monetary transactions. What if selling sex and hooking up simply cannot be separated sometimes? What if receiving money for sexual services does not exclude the possibility of mutual affection or sexual desire? In Chinese literature, the famous female prostitute Du Shiniang allegedly threw a chest of treasure into a river , and then drowned herself, after her lover sold her to a passing merchant. In short, we are told that money and love are incompatible. But is that really so? As Liang indicates above, it is entirely possible that MBs can genuinely desire sex with their clients.

Granted, human trafficking most certainly exists — but to see that as the only reality is mistaken. For many MBs, selling sex and hooking up are deeply entangled. My conversation with another MB named Zhang further illustrates this point.

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When I asked about his daily routine, Zhang replied: It is impossible — and in my opinion unnecessary and meaningless — to try and separate them. Subscribe to our newsletter. By signing up, you agree to our Terms Of Use.